Menifee Valley Amateur Radio Club Bulletin 12/05/2018

SUBJECT; Ted Davis W6VXP; Health status

Six weeks ago I received an email from Sheila, Ted’s wife,
letting me know that he had suffered a fall during their
Mediterranean vacation. He was taken into ICU at a hospital, Faliron Medical Center, in Athens, Greece.
Sheila and I have been in regular contact, with updates about Ted’s condition, which I have passed to the Club members, via emails or in person at our meetings.

I have given Sheila continual support, and assured her that the Club members have Ted in our thoughts for a good recovery.
Sheila returned home 2 weeks ago; their son Mark had flown out
to take over the vigil. Last week, I spent some time with her.

She told me the heartrending news that Ted was not expected to recover. He is semicomatose, on intravenous and respirator.
Although she has Power of Attorney for Ted, in Greece the hospital is not allowed to remove life support systems.
She was rebuked by the staff for even raising the subject.

She has great support from her Greek apartment manageress,
who goes with her to the hospital, and acts as interpreter.

Along with Miller Jones, Sun City, she is making arrangements with a crematorium in Athens.
Sheila flew back to Athens on Monday, with her sister-in-law,
to take over the vigil. She took a ‘Get well’ card from me, on behalf of the Club; I put a CW message in it, and asked Sheila
to say the ‘di-dahs’, in case Ted could still hear.

I am expecting another update later this week.

John Pashley (J.P.), AG6PZ; President MVARC.

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